Puffin Rescue

The Beluga Whale Sanctuary is home to Iceland´s only Puffin Rescue Centre, which takes in pufflings (baby puffins) and puffins found in Vestmannaeyjar which need some extra care. Most of these birds are rescued by the local Puffling Patrol, which works in cooperation with the Sanctuary. Some are brought in by local residents for review, treatment and possibly release if they are fit and ready. Admission to our visitor centre and donation help support the care of injured puffins, as well as those which cannot be released.  

Resident Puffins at the Sanctuary

Some of the puffling patients can’t be released for various reasons and we currently have 9 long-term resident puffins at the Sanctuary. Some may not be able to fly, one hasn’t developed the oils it needs to waterproof her feathers and another is scared of water.

Whether a temporary patient or a full-time resident, each puffin in our care eats an average of 3 kg of capelin fish and krill per month, which costs approximately 5 GBP per puffin, per month. If you would like to help us to care for these charismatic little sea birds, please click here to make a donation.