Winter update

Tuesday, 08 December 2020

As guardians of these two amazing beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey’s welfare will always be our top priority. It is vital for the long-term goal of this world’s first project that Little Grey and Little White’s transition into the sea sanctuary continues to be positive and allows safe management of their health and well being for many years to come.

Due to the simple fact they have lived the majority of their lives in a man-made environment, this new chapter of their lives has to be as flexible and positive as possible to ensure Little Grey and Little White bond with their new sanctuary home, which we hope will be their forever home for the rest of their lives (which could be 30-40 years!).

Little Grey and Little White have surprised us with some of the positive ways they have adapted to their new natural environment (catching live fish, exfoliating on the seabed, interacting with other wild animals). Whilst we are thrilled at the progress that both whales have made in adapting to a more natural environment in the last few weeks, as the Icelandic winter storm season approaches, we have decided to go ahead and move Little White and Little Grey back to the landside care facility for the winter months 2020/2021. This move was completed safely and successfully on 8th December.

Using the landside care facility for this purpose has always been part of the long-term planning for the sanctuary to keep Little Grey and Little White safe and healthy. The move will allow our team to continue to provide expert care, ensuring the belugas have positive experiences and are prepared to go back into the bay in early 2021.

This temporary move does not and will not change the overall goal of the project which is for their long-term home to be in the sanctuary at Klettsvik Bay.

We want to thank everyone for your support and reassure you all that we’ll keep you updated with all the continued work and welfare updates with Little Grey and Little White in this temporary winter period. The welfare of these beautiful belugas is always our priority.