An exciting new partnership

Saturday, 08 August 2020

The SEA LIFE Trust are preparing to dive into a new charity partnership with Vivid Toy Group to launch Vet Squad; a vet-themed toy brand with added adventure! The Vet Squad range will be available in stores this month to kickstart this new partnership for 2020.

The Vet Squad: Ava, Emily, Yara and Robin are a sassy squad of intrepid explorers who are always ready to race to the rescue! The range of figures, vehicles and playsets allows children to play out the adventures of a group of friends with special vet skills and vehicles to help animals from different environments.

Vivid have partnered with SEA LIFE Trust to help support our mission of protecting the world’s oceans and rehabilitation and support of marine animals in our care. A £20,000 donation from the proceeds of Vet Squad will be given to SEA LIFE Trust to continue our work in caring for animals.

Chloe Burrowes, assistant brand manager at Vivid, said: “With a love for animals at the heart of the Vet Squad brand, we are delighted to be partnering with the SEA LIFE Trust to support their mission in helping endangered marine wildlife globally. It is great for us to know that by encouraging children to become animal-saving adventurers in the world of Vet Squad, our donation can also make a real difference globally in rehabilitating and caring for animals in reality.”

Andy Bool, head of the SEA LIFE Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Vivid on Vet Squad. Vets play such a huge role for us at our sanctuaries – their expertise and support alongside our own animal care teams helps us to rescue and care for a large number of marine animals every year. The funds donated to us by Vivid will help with this vital work and hopefully we’ll see some of the Vet Squad consumers at our Sanctuaries as visitors, or even vets, in the future.”