Move update: 3 June 2023

Saturday, 03 June 2023

Our curator, Courtney Burdick, is here to share our latest update about Little White and Little Grey and their move back to our indoor care facility.

Following their return to the natural surroundings of their outdoor sea pools in the sanctuary at Klettsvik Bay in April, it was observed by the animal care team that Little Grey’s appetite was decreasing over recent days. Working alongside our expert veterinary team and advisors, immediate action was taken to ensure the whales’ health and welfare remained a top priority.

Despite initial signs of improvement over 24 hours, a further decrease in her appetite saw all parties unanimously agree and make the difficult, but right, decision to move Little Grey and Little White immediately to their landside care facility.

Inside, veterinarians were able to do a thorough exam of Little Grey, where they discovered ulcers in her stomach (the likely the cause of her decreased appetite and behavioural changes out at the bay).

Little Grey and Little White’s welfare continues to be the team’s top priority. After months of careful planning and preparation, this is hugely disappointing and unexpected and hopefully a temporary setback. As always with this pioneering project, the team will always be led by the whales and their welfare is the priority. Today, the landside care facility is now running as it was designed to allow us to monitor Little Grey’s health more closely and aid her recovery.

A huge thank you to our incredible team, volunteers and friends for all of their hard work in supporting this project - we couldn't do it without you.

We are happy to report that Little Grey’s appetite has slowly been returning, and is continuing treatment for her ulcers. Little White is doing well; swimming, resting, eating, and interacting with the animal care team.