Update on Little White and Little Grey

Thursday, 20 June 2019

20th June 2019

We are pleased to report that the last leg of the journey was a success and the whales were transferred to the new care pool in the early hours of this morning. Little Grey and Little White are both doing well after such a long and complicated journey and they have started to acclimatise and feed in their new care pool.

Our care team have worked tirelessly to ensure the move was a success and we are delighted that the first phase of the move is complete. We will continue to work with our world leading vets and animal welfare experts to monitor and asses the welfare needs of Little Grey and Little White over the coming months and weeks.


As with any animal which has just been through a long journey, our focus is now on giving Little Grey and Little White time to recuperate and acclimatise to their new surroundings. Little Grey and Little White’s welfare is our number one priority and they will now be in their new care pool with minimum visits from the independent vets and core care team for the agreed quarantine period of 40 days.