Whale Welfare

Little Grey and Little White’s mental health and physical well-being is our top priority. The onsite animal care team members interact with the whales every day and are supported by world renowned specialists in marine welfare and behaviour.

Reintroducing Little Grey and Little White to a more natural environment will involve helping the whales to acclimatise to their new surroundings. The Arctic water around Iceland is much colder than what the belugas have been used to which means ahead of being released into the open water, Little Grey and Little White’s calorie intake will increase to support weight gain for them to put on extra blubber and keep them insulated against the colder conditions.

To help Little Grey and Little White gain confidence for interacting with the local fauna and wildlife in the bay, the project team will carefully introduce them to creatures such as crabs and other shellfish as well as plant life such as sea kelp found in the local area.

Our Partners and Team of Experts