The Sanctuary

The large bay area measuring 32,000 sqm and 30ft deep delivers significant space for the belugas to swim, explore and deep dive.

The sanctuary consists of a stunning natural sea inlet in Klettsvik Bay and includes a land side care facility and visitor centre in the town of Heimaey Town just 1,400m from the bay.

Klettsvik Bay, in particular, is relatively secluded and offers protection from the Icelandic weather. The bay enabled the SEA LIFE TRUST to create necessary land side care facilities to monitor and assess the beluga whales on a regular basis.

The image here shows the bay, enclosed by netting from the surface to the bottom of the bay and with pontoons providing access for the beluga care team to look after Little White and Little Grey. The pontoons include small enclosures to allow the team to provide one-on-one care for either of the belugas, should they require it.

The pontoons also act as wave attenuators, dampening the swell coming in to the bay.

See a birds eye view of Klettsvik Bay below...


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